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Search OptimizationAre you new to SEO? Here are the absolute basics for you to get an idea what SEO is all about, how it fundamentally works and what is in it for your business.

If you have not lived under a rock for the past 10 years, you have probably noticed that Google has become one of the largest global technology companies. The primary business of Google is the internet search engine most of us are you using today. The reason we prefer Google over other search engines is partly due to the fact that we can actually find things we are looking for on Google. It does bring up relevant search results most of the time.

How does Google work and how is this connected with SEO?

Search EngineThe founders of Google came up with the brilliant idea to base the search algorithm and the display of relevant search results on the amount of links a web page has received. The idea behind it was that high quality content is most likely to be linked to a lot. At the same time the text or image used for the linking is most likely highly related to the topic of the webpage. This allowed not only to determine the popularity of the website but also its topical properties. The perfect combination for ranking a huge amount of data on the internet.

This was a revolutionary approach that helped Google quickly make sense of what is going on the internet and rank search results accordingly.

However, smart marketers quickly learned what worked on Google and started to optimize their content in order to rank better in the search results. The practice of managing the incoming links was the initial SEO. At some point SEO has become big business as with a little optimization online businesses were able to get free traffic of highly targeted internet customers that had a real intent to buy. The SEO space has quickly become very competitive and abusive techniques aka black-hat SEO started to take over the internet.

As years past by, Google had to adopt its algorithm and started to add criteria to the ranking algorithm as the count of links was manipulated easily and eventually only spam was ranking well.

SEO has become more complicated with over 200 ranking factors

Today we have over 200 factors affecting the ranking of a web page which makes it somewhat overwhelming for regular online publishers and businesses to effectively optimize in order to receive search traffic onto their sites without using SEM aka Google Adwords which is a paid advertising form on Google.

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